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ROSS Products

ROSS offers a full product line of inline and base-mounted, poppet or spool directional control valves, manual & mechanical valves including pendant valves, lever valves, cam and plunger valves, flow control and quick exhaust valves, and air preparation (FRL) products for industrial applications. ROSS also offers solutions designed specifically for hazardous locations, high and low temperature, vacuum, leak test, and leak tight applications.

ROSS Service Kits

When your ROSS valve or air preparation unit has been operating for an extended period, it might be time to consider servicing or replacing it. Service kits are often linked directly to the original product or can be found in an online installation instruction document. Depending on the type of service your installed product is in line for, kits are available with gaskets, seals, and replacement solenoid coils. For air preparation units, bowl assemblies, filter elements, filter drain kits, along with regulator and lubricator internal part replacements are available.

ROSS 3D Model Downloads

If you're looking for a 3D CAD model for one of our valves or air preparation units, our online model download options make it easy. Find the product you are looking for by entering the model # in the Search field at the top of the page or visit our Support | CAD Models page. ROSS 3D models are available for download in numerous file typoes to accommodate whatever file type you may need.